Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Ushanka.us iPhone App
For the Ushanka.us fan on the go! Now you can vote on biased MSM headlines with your iPhone just as you have been doing here at Ushanka.us. App is free at the iTunes App Store. App requires an Ushanka.us account.

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Progress, Comrades! Ushanka! It is the People’s Mobile App. The dictatorship of the proletariat is now on your iphone.

The committee at Ushanka.us have issued a decree: The Decree of Liberal Bias in the Main Stream Media.

Now you can rate the bias levels of our state controlled media’s headlines while you’re on the go. Whether you are waiting for an MRI, a loaf of bread, or a job... you will have the collective power of the proletariat at your fingertips. Does that headline have liberal bias? Progressive bias? Or does it have Communist bias, as if it came from Uncle Joe himself?

At Ushanka.us, our iPhone app installs you. It is redistributive, re-educational, and revolutionary!

Comrades! Reject the bourgeois intelligentsia. Embrace the revolutionary consciousness of our thought leaders in the main stream media. They do the people’s work of creating newspeak every day. You have the duty, comrades, to provide these leaders the feedback necessary for them to continue their vital work.

Like healthcare and green-energy, the Ushanka mobile application is free.

iPhone owners of the world, unite!

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